Displacement Limits: Adults (16+)

  • 636cc 4 cylinder

  • 675cc 3 cylinder

  • 700cc Twin cylinder

  • Unlimited Single Cylinder

Displacement Limits: Junior II (12-15)

  • 450cc Single Cylinder

  • 250cc Twin cylinder

Tech Requirements:

In order to ride on the Mac Track, your bike must meet our tech requirements. These requirements are essential in order to prevent unneeded wear on the track surface and create a safe riding environment for everyone on and off the track. The tech inspector reserves the right to deny access to the track if a vehicle does not meet the requirements. 

Motorcycle Definitions:

  • STREET MOTORCYCLE: A factory street-legal motorcycle generally classified as a sport or standard. Common examples: Grom, Ninja 250, Ninja 300, Yamaha R3, KTM 390 Duke or RC390, Suzuki SV650, etc. Motorcycles classified as Street generally have full or partial fairings and OEM fluid retention systems.

  • SUPERMOTO (See additional tech requirements below): Dirt bike style chassis with street wheel conversion. Common examples: CRF450/250, KTM450, WR450

  • MINIMOTO (See additional tech requirements below): A small displacement/small frame motorcycle. Common examples: XR100, DRZ125L, YZ85, NSR50, NSF100R, Kayo MR125, YCF155SM

The following are required for all motorcycles (and scooters where applicable):

  • No fluid leaks of any kind

  • Mirrors removed or taped over

  • Tires in good condition

  • Throttle, clutch, and brake controls return at all bar positions       

  • Drive chain in good condition, properly tensioned, and properly lubricated

  • Oil drain plug tight

  • You may utilize glycol (green) coolant if your bike retains it's factory coolant overflow tank.

  • Maximum sound limit 70dB at 50ft. (If your exhaust has a silencer, please install it before coming to the track, as there are apartments near by)

Additional Supermoto Requirements:

  • Peg sliders, front and rear axle sliders installed securely   

  • Radiator and carburetor overflow lines routed to a catch container

  • No glycol (green) coolant in system. (Unless motorcycle is a factory, street legal Supermoto with retains it's factory overflow tank.) Water wetter is the only acceptable cooling additive.

Recommendations for Supermoto motorcycles:

  • Handlebar sliders or hand guards

  • Safety wire oil drain plug

Additional Mini Moto and Scooter Requirements:

  • Dirt bike/Supermoto style minimotos are subject to the same tech requirements as full size supermotos listed above.

  • Kayo MR125, Honda NSF100R, or other GP style minimotos are subject to the tech rules for street motorcycles listed above.

  • Scooters should be prepared for track use in a workmanlike manner according to the requirements above. (includes mopeds and step-through style scooters, generally with centrifugal clutches and rear-mounted engines)

Gear Requirements

  • Full Coverage Jacket and Pants - No bare skin showing

    • Textile motorcycle apparel acceptable.

    • No jeans unless they contain knee armor.

  • Full face street or motocross style helmet (no half shell helmets)

    • Helmet (Adults)- Must be rated SNELL or ECE 2010 or later

    • Helmet (Juniors)- Must be rated Snell CMS 2007, CMR 2007,  SFI 24.1 / 2010, or SFI 24.1 / 2013

  • Boots that cover the ankle

  • Gloves must cover hand fully

Gear recommendations:

  • One or two-piece leather suit 

  • Full gauntlet gloves with dual closures

  • Back protector 

  • Chest protector

Other Recommendations:

  • Pre-hydrate thoroughly. This means start drinking plenty of water 2-3 days before coming to the track. You will sweat a lot while turning laps at the Mac Track. Especially in the summer months.

  • Bring extra water to the track. Drinkable water is not available at the Track. Bring plenty of your own!

  • Get plenty of rest the night before. Riding at the Mac Track is quite the workout. You want to be well rested and clear minded while spending a day at the track.


If you have any questions about bike tech, or gear requirements, please get a hold of us by clicking the contact link above.