Our Mission

To provide a fun, safe environment where motorcyclists can​ utilize lightweight bikes in order to further their riding abilities.

We welcome street riders, novice racers, expert racers and everyone in-between.

About The Mac Track

Mac Track

The Mac Track is described as a medium to large size karting track. Minimal barriers and clear vision through corners give this track a much more open feel in comparison to smaller karting tracks. During track days The Mac is run in both directions for twice the experience.


Electricity (110V) is available in the hot pit as well as in the East paddock area. Camping is also available for $20 per night (220V hookups available in Fairgrounds adjacent to The Mac.)

Track Features:

  • 14 Turns

  • 6/10-mile total track length

  • Technical entry into turn 1

  • Uphill increasing radius on to the back straight

  • Dynamic low speed corners on the north side of the track

  • Fast sweepers on the east side of the track

The History Of Oregon Lightweight Moto

Formerly known as Oregon Superbikers, Oregon Lightweight Moto is a committee of road racers operating under the framework of the Portland Karting Association.

Founded in 2009, Oregon Superbikers hosted racing as part of the the Supermoto USA series. After racing participation dwindled, OSB switched to a track day model and organized practice events for Scooters, Supermotos, and small displacement motorcycles at the Mac Track. Organizations such as Cascadia Supermoto, and the Sang-Froid Riding Club have associated themselves with Oregon Superbikers in order to facilitate practice events in preparation for sanctioned races.

In January of 2018, Oregon Superbikers took on the new name of Oregon Lightweight Moto in order to further the development the organization.

Oregon Lightweight Moto



Affiliate Organizations

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